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Serving Southern Maine, New Hampshire and Mass

Welcome to BEE PRIDE – Our Beekeeping retail store and Education Center here in Lebanon, Maine has been in business since 2010. We offer many opportunities for learning through Beekeeping classes, workshops, demonstrations and open hives. We also carry a wide variety of beekeeping equipment, available in both 8 and 10 frame as well as 4 and 5 frame nuc equipment. Our woodenware is grown, harvested & manufactured in Maine by Humble Abodes. We are an authorized dealer of Betterbee and we carry veils from Thorne’s of England, various items from Mann Lake & others. Our store has local raw honey, soaps, candles & handmade jewelry.

Confused or overwhelmed about all the different information and advice regarding beekeeping? The internet, beekeeping clubs and even beekeeping friends can offer a wide variety of answers and advice for the new beekeepers. We have years of experience helping new beekeepers get started and offer Beginner through Intermediate beekeeping classes taught by Brian Pride, EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. 2020 we will be hosting our 7th year of our “Hands-On-Learning program”. Educational opportunities are listed on our Classes page or you can contact Peggy at

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Bee Pride Beekeeping
Beekeeping Supplies

Featuring Humble Abodes woodenware and Betterbee Equipment. Nucs and queens seasonally available.

Bee Pride Beekeeping
Bee Pride Beekeeping
Classes and Workshops

Regularly held classes and workshops on beekeeping, mead making, homemade bee products and more from experienced beekeepers. Sign up now!

Bee Pride Beekeeping
Seasonal Products

Spring/Summer Supplies include Pollen Substitute and Patties, Bee Friendly Seeds, Feeders, Gifts and Books.

Bee Pride Beekeeping

Articles we find helpful to Beekeepers.