About Us


We are Peggy & Brian Pride living & working on our small farm in Southern Maine for the past 32 years. We began beekeeping to enlist the honeybee’s help in the pollination of our fruits, vegetables and flowers. We became so enamored with these hardworking little bees and their fascinating lives that we wanted to be more involved in the beekeeping field. We strive to use sustainable methods for our bees.

Brian is a Certified EAS Master Beekeeper and is a very enthusiastic teacher for our classes and workshops. He has also won several awards for his mead, especially his elderberry mead. Peggy manages the 40+ hives, raises queens, organizes classes and runs the store.
We started our apiary using nucs and queens from Mike Palmer and later from Troy Hall. We work hard at making a sustainable apiary and selectively raise queens and nucs from the survivor stock. We have consistently had lower than average colony losses over the years so we feel we must be doing something right. Making lots of honey or bees to sell is not our focus. We feel a sense of responsibility to the bees to ensure that their lives are as healthy as possible through better nutrition and management decisions. In 2015 we participated in a study using a homeopathic remedy for mites. Peggy also traveled to Spikenard Farms in Virginia to learn Biodynamic methods for beekeeping and gardening.
Sue Doiron joined us 3 years ago and brings her teaching experience and patience in helping new beekeepers get started. Sue manages 6 of her own hives in 2 locations. She did an excellent job of heading up our 2015 Intern program. We are excited to have her in charge of our 2016 “hive side lessons” program.
We will continue to do educational outreach in the non-beekeeping community to encourage others to be mindful of what they use in their gardens and lawns so they can help all pollinators. We are in the early stages of creating honeybee foraging areas that we hope will be open to the public. We share our knowledge with others so that they may enjoy and appreciate the honey bees as much as we do.

Buy local – save time & money.